Studio Updates April 2015



Following on from a series of studio embetterments earlier this year, we are proud to announce the latest magnificent addition to the Fidget Dance Music Production Studio!
Fidget Studio customers will be familiar with the phenomenal quality and experience of Barry Diston's sound engineering. However, we are constantly striving to enhance the standards and efficiency of our music production. So, inspired by Google's "AutoAwesome" image enhancing technology and using similar proprietary algorithms, we have automated the process of betterifying banging dance music anthems.
No more time consuming, detailed audio mixing! No more relying on 15 years of music production experience! Ladies and blokes, Fidget Studios is proud to announce our unique, pro-augmented, wondrous "Fidget Studios' More Better™ button"! Simply dial in how much betterer you want your track to be and listen to to this piece of improbable magic transcend your wildest imaginings!

But that's not all! Using technology invented by Spinal Tap's Nigel Tufnel we have pushed this technology one step further than any sane engineer could by adding an extra digit to the dial. We made our more better™ button far superior to other boring audio filters and lame processors by pushing it all the way to 11. Why? Because "It's one more, ain't it!"
(Disclaimer: Your mileage may vary. "More Better™" is a name not a promise. Fidget Studio cannot be responsible for any bleeding from the ears, dance related exhaustion or unplanned pregnancies resulting from irresponsible use of more betterered™ music. The more bettering process™ relies on huge amounts of fairy dust and naive credulousness; at times when these are in short supply the more better™ function may not be available. Fidget Studios will endeavour to recreate its function through sheer hard work and skill.)

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