Phutek ft Man Parris The Journey (Element Recordings)

Phutek ft Man Parris The Journey

Element Recordings 100th release !

Label Director Craig Regan gives us the full story here.....

Out today on Beatport , Element recordings 100th Release. The longest project i have worked on production wise and one of my proudest. Not my usual Techno business, but it matured me as a producer building the musical story behind 12 excellent verses given me by the legendary Mc Manparris. (In my opinion production wise separates the boys from the men!)

Anyone with history in dance will get this track, and i hope it brings all the young spunkers up to date with dance music roots. Made by 2 great friends that have been there from the start, with a lot of passion and musical emotion involved.

Big thanks to all the remixers on this release Lee Ljhigh George Kafetzis The Demonic Brothers and Ste Essence.

And even bigger thanks to long time good friend Lisa Lashes. A true great professional that read into the Original from the start and has gave this release IMO a Dragon Breath of extra life. Not only for remixing the track, but for all the behind the scenes help and support on the project.

Also big shout to Barry Diston at Fidget Studios who also is the silent assassin in a lot of this project with his excellent music Engineering. If you consider me as a friend in music, help Me and Jeff Spread the word. Please Share. It won't break your finger.


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