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Thomas Beaufoy

Thomas Beaufoy (Foi of 'Beau&Foi'), 24, is a Trance & Electro DJ/Producer born in Coventry, UK.

Beaufoy has been DJ'ing for over 4 years now. In this time he has secured international residencies with globally known companies. In 2013 he became the 2Wenties Booze Cruise Resident DJ, regularly spinning sets to hundreds of partygoers, whilst watching the sun set on the mediterranean sea.

Beaufoy has recently decided to focus on producing, specifically on Trance & Electro genre's and has been attending studio sessions with Barry Diston, an engineer at Fidget Studios, "Barry is an outstanding engineer, without him I would not have achieved this years success. The importance of production is, in today's industry essential. Fidget studios has given me the edge and has helped me achieve my dream".

His first three Trance tracks 'Beautiful Faith', '453' and 'Mother Nature' have reached worldwide recognition from countries such as UK, USA and Australia to name a few. With his first two EP's set to be released in the summer of 2014, Beaufoy is preparing for yet another wild year...

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